Provided sourcing information to mechanical contractors, mechanical engineers, and the related trades since 1978.

The Bydex Index of Sources is a comprehensive database of manufacturers, brand names, and acquired companies, cross-referenced to local representatives and distributors. In addition, manufacturers are cross-referenced to major categories of heating, air conditioning, ventilating, refrigeration, controls, piping, plumbing, sheet metal, related products, and services. Also provided is information about companies which have merged, changed their name, or gone out of business. Whether you are specifying, estimating, purchasing, installing, or servicing mechanical equipment, the Bydex Index of Sources is a resource that provides insight into where-to-buy, who-sells-what, and who-makes-it.

Any company involved in the manufacturing of products for the trade may be included in the Index of Sources, free of charge. Reps and distributers servicing the Western United States market, are also included free of charge.